blue organic cotton t-shirt mount fuji
man wearing blue organic cotton t-shirt with Japanese traditional dyed fabric
Japanese traditional dyed fabric mount fuji Japanese design
Japanese traditional dyed fabric feathers Japanese design
mount fuji golden sun shimenawa rope Japanese graphic design Japanese inspired woven label

T-shirt manegi fuji

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This “Fuji” manegi fabric represents “Hatsuyume”, the first dream of the new year in Japanese. We see three symbols : Mount Fuji, feathers of a falcon and eggplants. These are the top three symbols the Japanese says will bring you good luck.

A “Manegi” is a Japanese fabric that brings happiness. Rienzome Manegi are all hand-dyed in a traditional method called “Chu-sen”. A Chu-sen features double-sided design, which differs from a silkscreen-dyed one.

The colors of a Manegi may transfer to other garments when worn due to sweat or friction. Rinse your Manegi T-shirt separately by hand with abundant water before washing it together with other garments. Do not soak your Manegi T-shirt for a too long time when washing it.


100% organic cotton 180gr.

Made in Portugal.

Designed with care and love in our Paris studio.