T-shirt Kamon Dragon Blue
T-shirt Kamon Dragon Blue
T-shirt Kamon Dragon Blue
Golden sun Blue Yama
Blue T-shirt Blue Yama
Blue Yama pattern

T-shirt Kamon Dragon Blue

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This Kamon T-shirt has a beautiful illustrated label on it. “KAMON” means “family crest” or “emblem”. Japanese people used to create their own family crest to identify their affiliations (attachment). During the Edo period, people below the Samurai class were not allowed to have their surname. They could only identify their family by “YAGO”: literally meaning "house name".

Blue Yama's labels are also inspired by Hanafuda litteraly translated: Flower cards. It is a traditional Japanese card game. 

On the Blue Yama's Kamon T-shirt, we can see on the label a dragon, mount fuji, a sun rise, waves of pacific ocean and in katakana our logo Blue Yama. Dragons in asian mythology can be interpreted as water deities associated with rainfall and bodies of water.


100% organic cotton 180gr.

Made in Portugal.

Designed with care and love in our Paris studio.