Blue Yama Vintage Apron on a white wall. Dark blue fabric. MAEKAKE - Kamata (Black), flowers, vase
Apron from Japan: japanese kanji, telephone number, dark blue fabric
japanese apron, Kamata kanji, dark blue fabric
apron's ropes, japanese kanji, telephone number, dark blue fabric, flowers
apron's dimensions: 66cm height, 44 cm width, rope 213cm long

Maekake - Kamata (Black)

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Maekake 前掛け means apron in Japanese. This japanese vintage apron comes from an old western and Japanese clothes store called Kamata. You can use it to keep clean while doing craftwork or cooking in the kitchen.
With this nice apron prepare a dinner for your friends. 8 guests for dinner: Kara-age with beers is a must!