detail haori kimono collar bright green triangle pattern chirimen shibori silk
vintage short haori kimono jacket front fresh green brown triangle motif chirimen shibori dye silk
inside kimono white lining old painting japanese art motif traditional japanese design
kimono chirimen shibori dyeing bright green triangle pattern geometrical pattern
detail kimono chirimen shibori technique japanese dye traditional technique
vintage short haori kimono jacket back light green geometrical pattern triangle chirimen
kimono measurement haori kimono size description kimono flat drawing

Haori Triangle

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The haori (羽織) is a traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length jacket usually worn over a kimono. These lightweight japanese vintage coats are meant to hang open in the front, to better show off the kimono or other attire worn under it. You can wear this vintage haori over a shirt, with pants, or however you want.