The World of Blue Yama

Blue Yama is a small design studio based in Paris where we develop different fashion projects.

“Yama” in Japanese means mountain. Blue Yama “Blue Mountain”, you guessed it, is inspired by Mount Fuji, the tallest and most majestic mountain in Japan. “Blue Mountain” in old Japanese also means “The place to bury”. Don't leave yet, we're not talking about a death story or ghosts! We want to introduce you to a Japanese proverb: “Jinkan itaru tokoro Seizan (blue mountain) ari 人間 到 る 処 青山 あ り”, Literally translated: “We have blue mountains everywhere”. What does that mean? Our birthplace is not necessarily the place to spend your last days. We can leave our native land to go to new horizons. We can go wherever we want, where the glory and the joy of life await us and we can all find our blue mountain wherever we are!

Steve and Yukari, the two founders of Blue Yama followed exactly this instinct. Steve was born in Paris and has lived in Stockholm, New York and Tokyo. Yukari, born in the countryside, left her native Japan to live in Paris where she still lives today. Blue Yama was born with this form of diversity spirit in mind, the mixture of culture, the mixture of the old and the contemporary. 

"Konnichiwa! My name is Yukari I was born and raised in the Japanese countryside (with cows and a big family).
I studied Fashion design in Paris and worked for many years for French luxury brands.
I now feel more like a Parisian with a touch of countryside. I am passionate about traveling and love vintage markets".

"Bonjour! Hej! I’m Steve, a French-Swedish Art Director with a Japanese spirit.
I studied graphic-design in Paris and went to film school in New York. I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture since I was a child.
Like many children of my generation I love mangas, anime and I have been playing judo for many years.
I was fortunate enough to live and work in Tokyo".

"Hej! Salut! My name is Victoria, I am French-Swedish and have lived in Sweden, China and Germany to finally settle in Paris.
I am passionate about marketing, fashion and have a real love for vintage, xiaolongbaos, karaoke and my cat Timmy."