back of Blue Yama Full Kimono T-shirt , red big kanji, Japanese fashion, grey back ground, upcycling
Kimono T-shirt, upcycling
Kimono T-shirt, upcycling
beautiful red Japanese kanji letter, grey background, upcycling
front of Blue Yama Full Kimono, brown thin lines by the waist blue stripes in the middle T-shirt
front, japanese kanji letters, blue stripes, upcycling
Blue Yama Full Kimono T-shirt close up snap button on blue sleeve
Blue Yama Label Red dragon by blue sea mount fuji sun rays
 Blue Yama t-shirt dimensions: 65cm height, 57 cm width,  23cm long sleeves, 27cm wide sleeve
Full Kimono T-shirt made out of a vintage hanten kimono
Blue Yama by the collar there are snap buttons blue t-shirt
Blue Yama :inside kimono a regular deep blue t-shirt
blue yama label, mount fuji with golden sun

T-shirt / Full Kimono / Matsuri

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“MATSURI” means festival. For summer festivals, each participant group and regions of Japan uses their specially designed kimono Hanten to identify their group. Hanten is a cultural heritage of Japan.

This Full Kimono Matsuri T-shirt is composed by 2 layers: an exterior Japanese vintage kimono (Hanten) and inside, an organic cotton T-shirt.
Vintage kimono Hanten are becoming more and more rare. We customized this valuable material to transform it into a T-shirt shape for an easy everyday use. Every Hanten has its unique identity logo, we also customized it, it means that this handmade Kimono Matsuri T-shirt is the only one in the world!

The organic cotton T-shirt underneath gives a comfortable touch to the skin and the snap buttons allow to separate the 2 layers. You can wash easily the T-shirt underneath: max 30 degree, wash similar colors together. The exterior Kimono part should be dry cleaned.