Happy Valentines - Enmusubi

The Blue Yama team wishes you a Happy Valentine's day!

In Japan we also celebrate Valentine's day. The tradition is a bit different here: girls and women give chocolates on the 14th of February to boys they like but they can also give it to their friends, father, brothers, sons, etc. In return, 1 month later on the 14th of March (White day), it's the boys’ turn to give back candies to the girls.

But a long time before Valentines in Japan, we talk about “Enmusubi”: literally meaning “relationship”. It basically means matchmaking! The most famous shintô shrine where one comes to pray to find his soul mate is called Izumo Taisha. Actually, it does not necessarily mean that one is searching just for love as a couple but it can also mean human relationship in general. This sacred place is to this day considered to be the place where all Japanese gods gather once a year (in October and not February). One could argue it is the spiritual tinder created by thousand gods! Is it efficient or not? Why don’t you go there and pray for a beautiful relationship: let us know if it works!


Speaking of Izumo Taisha, this famous thick rope inspired us when we created our Blue Yama logo.

We pay tribute to this sacred place of Japan where love is celebrated! You still don't have an original gift idea for Valentines? Why not purchasing a superb vintage Kimono from Japan! It will be unique for your “one and only”! Check out our full collection of japanese vintage pieces here, we have a selections of vintage Hantens, Haori and Kimonos.