Full moon - Kimonos

This sheer kimono -
how the moon peers through
to my naked skin!
Sugita Hisajo  ( 1665-1718 )


Kimonos are perhaps most associated with a form of traditional
Japanese clothes in the western world, usually worn by women.
However, in fact, it’s much simpler than that! The word Kimono is built on two words: the verb kiru, which means “to wear” and mono, that translates to “object”. Put the two together, and you get a very straight forward meaning: simply - a thing to wear! And fun fact: in Japan, western clothes have a special name themselves, and is referred to as yofuku, meaning “western-styled-clothes”.

What westerners would mean when they say “kimono” would in Japan instead refer to a Haori, Happi or a Hanten, to give some examples. Each of these versions of the beautiful piece of clothing has been
designed for a different purpose and originating from different
times and places in the Japanese history. Nowadays, these pieces of
attire will usually be worn only on special, and usually traditional,
occasions, such as festivals and ceremonies.

Vintage Kimonos
We, at Blue Yama, are convinced
that vintage kimonos can be worn at any
time. Wear them with modern
clothes, and you’ll get a stylish and cool look mixed with an interesting touch of tradition. A kimono can be worn at home as a beautiful and smart robe, or as a statement piece when dressing up for a party or an art exhibition. When buying one of our unique Blue Yama vintage kimonos, you are giving these striking pieces, each of them with past stories of their own, a second life. It’s better for the environment, it’s a lot less expensive and much more interesting than getting a new one, there is no one like the other, and we can promise that you will look great wearing them!

Our Blue Yama kimonos, each has their own rich and unique story -
let their stories continue with you!